Starting in Padstow

We are lucky enough to be situated at the very start of the Camel Trail in Padstow.

Here we overlook the mouth of the beautiful Camel Estuary, the perfect location to start your cycle adventure.

Starting with breath-taking views across the water and the renowned Rock beach sand dunes in the distance, the trail then moves inland along the riverside, towards the next town – Wadebridge.

Padstow to Wadebridge – Part 1

Wadebridge & Beyond…

Wadebridge is another small riverside town with plenty to see.

Known for its many independent shops, cafes and restaurants – why not stop and explore along the way?

Here the Camel Trail passes through the town. The river narrows as you head through enchanting Cornish woodlands, onto the historic town of Bodmin.

Wadebridge to Bodmin – Part 2

Vineyards & Gardens

Camel Valley Vineyard, Camel Trail Tea Gardens and Bodmin Jail Museum can all be accessed on this popular 2nd part of the trail.

Looking to venture onto the 3rd part?

Keep an eye out for the stone signpost turn as you approach Bodmin town. This will take you up onto the final section of the trail, towards the last stop – Wenfordbridge.

This tranquil stretch, moves further into the countryside, showcasing some fast running waterfalls and even more alluring forestry.

Bodmin to Wenfordbridge – Part 3

Stretch your legs & breathe in the fresh sea air

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Code of Conduct

We kindly ask all our customers to adhere to the Camel Trail Code of Conduct

Please use the trail safely

Be considerate to all other users of the trail

Cyclists, keep your speed down

Walkers have right of way

Keep your dogs under close control

Clean up after your dog and do not drop litter

Respect the privacy of adjoining properties and landowners



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